Moving LGBTQ+ Employees

As talent shortages press harder, many businesses need to be more mindful and prepared for LGBTQ+ mobility plans. The talent pools are ripe with LGBTQ+ candidates so it is in the companies’ interest to make relevant attractive offers.

There is a multitude of reasons why extra attention is needed for these moves, and the focus on the company to be prepared and prepare their employee accordingly. It is important during these moves that very open and honest conversations can be held with the employee.

We should remember that with the rise of single-sex parenting, there may be many factors that could contribute to an employee not accepting an assignment or an assignment failing.  Issues around spouse visas if the marriage is not recognised in the host country, or even medical and tax complications could all affect the decision.  These factors can be in addition to the usual factors that influence a decision such as a spouse employment, dual income, extended family relations etc.

Many companies are unaware of countries’ conditions regarding LBGTQ+ and most don’t consider the cultural sensitivity of LGBQT employees in these countries.  The typical Australian attitude of “She’ll be alright” is just not good enough.

The success of an international assignment relies on your employee being comfortable in their new surroundings, not on edge, or hiding.


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How can you help an assignee?

Outlining the details and expectations of the assigned country.  Work with them to discover unique opportunities in that country.  LGBTQ+ employees want international assignments as exciting and growth opportunities, so work with them to get the most out of the assignment.  They must be provided with the information to make an informed decision not feel forced into anything.

Consider the option of shorter assignment’s or Fly in Fly out work.  Extra trips home or additional leave entitlements can help the employee “escape” the everyday pressure if their sexuality is not accepted in the country.  Their stress levels can be reduced by being removed from the situation on a regular basis.

Some companies offer an umbrella virtual support program, which connects all LGBTQ+ employees across the globe.  This can be instrumental in supporting each other and keeping connected.

You should always be sensitive and open with the employee as to who, during their relocation process needs to know that they are LGBTQ+. Some employees prefer to keep this information to themselves.  In order to assist and support them, you need to have open conversations from the start.

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