Relocation Consultation Service


Preparation brings you clarity

An exclusive interaction with Robyn is guaranteed for every corporate relocation. Robyn has extensive experience to share with your employee so they feel empowered about their move.  These sessions are aimed at clearing away any misconceptions about moving or living in Australia.

Meet with our Director, Robyn Vogels

With personal insights from her own nine relocations across the globe and a decade of professional experience in settling people in Australia, Robyn can relate to just about any type of move. She has been a sounding board for many families who are now comfortably integrated.


Our corporate clients will often ask us to consult with the family to help them prepare for their move, or perhaps they are at interview stage and the corporate would us to talk with a candidate to explain, as example:

  • The rental process
  • Schooling in Australia
  • Life in Australia


Other times a consultation is helpful would be if the Corporate has offered the employee a “lump sum” for their relocation costs, but the employee needs guidance on where they should allocate their funds.

In this instance, the Corporate would book for a consultation so we can explain:

  • How to save money on their furniture removals
  • What are the hidden costs
  • Cost of living and rental budgets
  • Preparing their rental application 
  • Sourcing a car, moving a pet or choosing a school.

If you are bringing a potential candidate to Australia for an interview, consider our Orientation program to further enhance their experience.

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