Exploring with direction

The orientation is your employee’s opportunity to explore the city and neighbourhoods to feel a real sense of connection.

During the orientation, our consultant will provide them with practical information to help think clearly and have a sense of belonging. New arrivals will have many questions, some will interrupt other work colleagues to ask them, but others might not ask anyone, except us. 

We work closely with the family to answer all their questions, provide reassurance and empower them to be in control of their move.

Get a glimpse of the hustle and bustle

We start with a discussion about the families goals during their orientation. Once they arrive we will collect them from their accommodation for their orientation, covering the highlights we have prepared.

Every important detail about the local services and amenities including the traffic hot spots will be explained to them during the orientation program. And when we drop them back, they will have all the information to simplify their big move. Certainly, they will have shortlisted the neighbourhoods they want to live in and have a clear picture of their life in Australia.

Depending on their available time, you can book a half-day, full-day or a special two-day orientation if you wish to include schools on your list.

Our Orientation Program offers:

  • Needs Analysis with a personlised plan of action
  • Dedicated consultant with sound local knowledge
  • Exposure to the city’s infrastructure, transportation and medical facilities
  • Tours of shortlisted neighbourhoods
  • Introduction to the different styles of homes
  • Explanation of the rental process
  • Insights for cost-effective planning and budgeting
  • Outlook on the Australian way of life
  • Assessment of your relocation timeline

Planning a corporate move to a city, sight unseen can make it hard to relate. An orientation brings everything into focus. Your employees can relate to the areas, to the distances and most of all they have a clear picture of what money can buy.

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