Choose with confidence

Choosing the right school is a decision you need to make quickly and get it right the first time.

Our personal support and local insights will help you with the key information you need to make an informed decision.  Australia offers a very high level of education with many different pathways. This can be confusing. Talk to us about what is important to your family, what school aligns with your values.

Understanding the school system in Australia

There are a number of schooling options available in Australia, including:

  • Private 
  • Semi-Private
  • Religious based
  • State Schooling
  • All girls education
  • All boys education
  • Parallel education

Our School support service will help you navigate the different options and shortlist schools appropriate for your child.

Our School Search service includes:

  • Skype/Zoom call to discuss your children’s needs
  • Information on school rankings, Naplan results and curriculums
  • Shortlisting of schools
  • We will contact schools to check on spaces available per year level
  • Arrange school tours for your arrival or during an orientation visit
  • Support and guidance to complete enrolment forms
  • School preparations including immunization updates and uniform purchase
  • Further advice for parents on settling their children and following up
  • English language lessons arranged if required

We understand how important decision needs to be made quickly.  We work with you to understand your family values and your child’s interest. Sometimes it’s not about the biggest school or the best rankings, it is about your child, we get that.

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