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The Secret To Securing A Rental Property in Australia

Robyn Vogels, founder of  Personnel Relocations shares her top tips to secure a rental in Australia.

Topics discussed:

  • How Finding a Home Fast Saves You Money: 01:21
  • The Rental Market in Australia 02:49
  • How To Examine Online Home Adverts 05:36
  • What Affects Rental Prices 07:26
  • How To Score Rental Property Fast 09:18
  • The Rental Application Process in Australia 11:57

Bonus content:

  • The Supporting Documents 13:00
  • The Best Option To Ship Goods 14:25
  • How Big Are the Spiders in Australia? 19:11
  • How Safe is the Public Transport for Kids? 20:42
  • What’s the Weather Like in Melbourne? 22:54