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Visa Applications for Australia: Where do you start?

Charlene Tan, founder of  Wayfinder Migration shares with us top tips for getting Australian Visa.

Topics we discussed:

  • Prioritised visas/jobs amidst lockdown
  • Where to start with the visa application process
  • What options are available for start-up visas and business visas?
  • The best state now for a business visa or investment visa
  • 188 Visa: Do we have to be in the same occupation the business visa is approved for?
  • What pathways are there for enrolled nurses? Which state or regional areas are best to get 491 sooner?
  • Why you should consider studying in Tasmania
  • Which pathways are popular for residency?
  • Is teaching or psychology on the skills list for WA? How long will it take for the visa to be approved if it’s on the skills list?
  • Can I be approved if my visa was rejected twice
  • What’s the status of partner/family visas
  • Contributory parent visa
  • Offshore partner visa