Do you want me to help you plan your move to Australia?

How To Secure a Job
in Australia

Bobby Semple, the founder of Simplified Recruitment Solutions, shares his top tips to get a job in Australia as a migrant professional or even an international student.

Topics we discussed:

  • Bobby’s migration journey and recruitment experience: 06:47
  • Hottest industries in Australia 13:04
  • Timeline for Getting Jobs in Australia 18:38
  • How To Start the Job Hunting Process 21:26
  • How To Make Your Resume Australia-ready 25:58
  • Is this industry good or not? (Q&A with the audience): 31:31
  • Something exciting for jobseekers coming early 2022 40:07
  • How To Deal With Recruitment Agencies 42:27
  • Job Hunting Top Tips 50:42